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CB (Citizen's Band) and HF (High Frequency) radios are popular communication devices used by amateur radio operators, truckers, and emergency responders. Like any other electronic equipment, these radios may malfunction or stop working altogether due to various reasons, including wear and tear, rough handling, or exposure to extreme weather conditions. Repairing CB and HF radios requires specialized knowledge, skills, and tools to troubleshoot and fix the problem. It may involve replacing damaged components, adjusting the antenna, or re-soldering loose connections. A competent radio repair technician should be able to diagnose the issue and perform the necessary repairs efficiently and effectively. It is crucial to maintain these radios regularly and seek professional help when necessary to ensure their optimal performance and longevity.

Service Overview:

Since 1986, we have offered a full line of quality repair work. From repairs to alignment & modifications. York Radio Repair is your one stop shop for all your repair needs. We hold an Industry Canada Advanced radio licence.

Customer Benefits:

York Radio Repair is pleased to invite you to try the best repair company in today's marketplace. Let your rig be our concern.

Competitive Advantages:

With a full range of' testing equipment and computerized modelling, we can meet all your needs for 'state of the art' repair and alignment. York Radio Repair is set apart from the competition.

Technological Capabilities:

With the stringent requirements of f today's rigs, you can rely on the fact that we are equipped with the tools and test instruments to solve each individual requirement and make sure you are covered.

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